In Memoriam

Betty Nabors

With heavy hearts Kids Rein remembers one of our greatest champions, Betty Nabors.  Betty was a sweet, super supportive, and selfless part of the Kids Rein family.  Betty was integral to the restart of the program here at Pattrino Farms.  Her family’s contributions are lasting and invaluable (the extension cords Bob hung are still in the trees!) Betty was an integral part of our charity work – with planning, gathering donations, and throwing an amazing event in the Fall.  Betty made such an impact on all of us.

“I have heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn.  And we are led to those who help us most grow if we let them.  And we help them in return (well, I don’t know if I believe that’s true.)  But I know I am who I am today, because I knew you.”

On a personal note (from Adam and James), the verse from Wicked reminds us of Betty.  Betty was like this incredible “third mom” that came with our new house in Robbins Park!  She was the neighbor who remembered your spouse’s birthday, reminded you that your anniversary was coming up, sent warm brownies over, tossed books over the fence to read, and always had special treats for the dogs. She was the person you would say, “I wish I was a little bit more like…”  She was smart, she was warm, she was humble, she was kind.  She always knew how to motivate people to do better – to be better.  She and Bob were the best next-door “Nabors” you could ever hope for and we remember our time together with such fondness.

Our lives are better because of Betty.  We opened the farm last year, Kids Rein moved in, and we restarted the program with four new riders.  Betty, along with some special people from Robbins Park, helped raise funds for a barn and a much-needed handicapped accessible restroom.

For 2018, we are working with the Levine Scholars program to build a sensory trail.  This trail will enable riders to further develop their fine and gross motor skills while on top of a horse.  The trail will enable us to expand our therapeutic riding program beyond the arena into other magical areas of the farm.  In other words – a path that motivates our kids to do better and be better.  This permanent fixture of the farm will be named, “Betty’s Path,” in honor of one of our heroes – Betty Nabors.

We will miss you terribly, Betty.